Friday, January 16, 2009

American Idol

Another beginning for a search for the next American Idol. Thousands of people tried out, January 14th at Phoenix, Arizona and January 13th at Kansas City. There were different kinds of people some more remembered than others.
The bikini girl is one that Simon will probobly remember, I do agree with the judges, she did sing good. I personally like the story of the last contested from Tuesday's auditions. Scott, who is almost blind and started college at 14, he has a great talent of playing the piano and singing, he could possibly be the next American Idol.

In addition, there is also a new Judge, Kara DioGuardi who pronounces her name "Care-A". She wasted no time jumping into the battle in the show's season's first night.
Next auditions will air on Tuesday the 20th, and Wednesday the 21st.

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