Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Women Gave Birth To 8 Babies

The mother checked in the hospital on her 23rd week and delivered 7 weeks later, Monday January 26th, 2009. A Caesarean section for seven babies was scheduled, an eighth baby came out as a surprise. Doctors at Kaiser Permanente Bellflower Medical, were prepared for the delivery and have practiced ahead of time. They delivered six boys and two girls weighing between one pound, eight ounces, and three pounds, four ounces. The babies were born nine weeks premature but are in stable condition. Two of the newborns ere placed on ventilators and a third needs oxygen. According to the hospital officials the mother is planning to breast feed all of them. At this time the babies are in the hospital and will stay there for about two weeks, the mother should be released in a week.

This is the second time in history, a women gives birth to octuplets. The first time was in March of 1967 in Mexico City, but all the babies died within 14 hours. In United States first live octuplets were born in Houston in December 1998. They turned 10 in December.

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  1. this is so amazing - I do not know how she managed to carry them so long and now her life will be such as a busy bee--THIS IS A MIRACLE FOR NOW AND THE FUTURE- part of me is glad - that it is not me but I would rather not have that pride- sigh- hugs from Meme