Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Diet Experience

Being on a diet is not an easy task, especially after having a baby. After my first child I thought I would loose the pounds and be just like I used to be before I was pregnant, than I didn't really know that the tummy stretches and stays. Since I was breastfeed which actually shouldn't diet since the baby needs the food and surprisingly in five months after the first child I found out I was pregnant again. Which again I couldn't diet but tried my best to eat limited.
After I was done breastfeeding my second child I told myself it's time for a diet, to get get my self a steam back, and for my partner. I started searching through the net and asking around, first I tried the three day diet that one of my friends suggested.

I did loose six pounds from this diet, however, I got to say it wasn't worth it, as like most everyone else on this diet, I gained it back.

Again, I was back to a blank. I than read about the Wu-Yi Tea and ended up ordering it. I told myself I have to stick to it. In addition I added another diet.
No white diet, which simply means don't eat anything white, pasta, white bread etc.
I went to the gym or on a walk three days a week for 30mins. I limited the amount of food I ate and the amount of chocolate I had. The tea did not do much magic, it mostly gives you the mood and energy to eat less and to stick to your goal of loosing the pounds. Instead of juice with meals I drank the tea, and throughout the day I drank water, the regular or flavored kind.

I was happy to see the number on the scale go down and I started to fit into my old clothes. After my tea had ended I wanted to see if I the my diet would work with out the tea, and it did From experiencing the tea I don't feel like it was the tea that did the trick it was my mind set to loose achieve my goal.

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