Friday, January 23, 2009

Condo Living

Living in a condo has it's goods. First of chores there are the amenities gym, pool, golf, park, etc. all in one building, which is great. Also, when it snows, no snow scrapping is necessary, no mowing the grass. Also, the car is in the parking lot under close doors. In addition, you get a view most of the time a great one. However, there is usually another side of living in a condo, Having to park and walking through doors and elevators/stairs can be extremely irritating if having to carry a lot from the car. which, almost is impossible to do on your own or all at one time. Having friends/visitors come over are always fun, but not much noise is aloud. If having kids, than that's another issue, since kids can't really sit in place and full of energy they need to run and play, which would bother the people leaving below or around. Overall, house living is a better choice for a family.

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