Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Story

I was raised in Washington State in the Metropolitan area. Living with my parents and three sisters. In 2005 October 10th, I came home from work and received a call from a guy I never seen or ever heard of. At first I thought someone was playing a joke on me.
It turned out that a day before the call he had some friends come to visit Toronto, Ontario where he was living at the time. After the visit the same day he was chating with one of the friends online, who than e-mail him some pictures of different girls and youth people, and one particular picture caught his eye, it happened to be a picture of me. He than asked for my name and phone number.

Not knowing who this guy really is or how he looks like, the conversation went on for hours. Somehow it just felt right. I was confused and excited at the same time, in a day I received mail from him with pictures of him.

Since he was waiting for his Canadian citizenship he wasn't able to cross the border at the time and asked me to come to Toronto. On October 15th, I flew to Toronto, ON Canada.

I walked from the airplane, n
erves and anxious. It was a special moment for me and him. We went to visit the Niagara falls, which were gorgeous, first half of the day went by kind of awkward and than came a surprise he asked me to get married, and I said yes.
We were married two months later in December 2005.

I ended up moving to Toronto and have lived here for three years. In a month we found out I was pregnant. In Octobe
r of 2006 we had our son Timothy and January of 2008 we were blessed with another son Daniel.


  1. what a great love story about your meeting and marriage and family
    huggs Meme