Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kids Haircuts

Haircuts and Toddlers, two word that don't always go great together. What helps me with my boys is the great idea of a kids haircut place, where they have the toys, the cartoons, lollipops, and the fun sit in cars, trains, etc. and receive a great haircut.
A hair place I found that has all of the above is Melon Head Children hair care.
If your child is receiving his/her first haircut you take home a picture of the child getting the cut, the first hair that is cut off, and a certificate for the first haircut.

What else I found great about taking kids into a children hair place is that they see they are not alone, there are other kids just like them getting haircuts too. My older son who is two, and doesn't enjoy getting haircuts at all, but when I take him into Melon head he already knows what will happen, he would put his hands on his head and run into one of the cars. After he receives his lollipop everything goes great, one hard thing is to get him out of the place after the cut. My other son who just turned one, there was no pip out of him he was so entertained he didn't even realize he was getting a haircut. I would recommend this place to anyone with kids.

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