Friday, January 23, 2009

Baby Story

A few weeks ago, I came across an article, while surfing the net. It happened to be a tragic news story, that I hope will never happen again. In the restroom of a McDonald's restaurant, a baby boy was found naked and abandoned early in the morning. What happened was the suspect left the baby alone in a women's restroom. " We found a newborn in the ladies room, and I think it's just freshly out, It still has the umbilical cord, it's naked, and I was wondering if they could send an ambulance or somebody to pick the baby up because it's cold.” the caller said when talking to the police. No word of the identity of the child or his parents. Witnesses said they did see a man carrying the baby inside and then running away. However, according to the police the man who did bring the baby in, probobly not related to the baby as he was African American and the baby is Caucasian. The baby was treated for hypothermia. Other than being treated for hypothermia, the baby is in good health.
There are places where mothers could take newborns or children if they don't want them, for free and no questions asked, (fire station, hospital, even a neighbor, but to put a naked new born baby in a cold place it's devastating.

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